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Every product that labels SAN JOSE SCALE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
415 Superior Spray Oil435 Oil 98.8440 Superior Spray Oil455 Oil 98.8470 Supreme Spray OilAcronyx™ 2 FlowableAcronyx™ 4 FAdmire® ProAdvise® 2FLAlias® 4FAltus®Anarchy 30 SGAnarchy 70 WPAnniston 70 WP InsecticideApplaud®ArVida® 30 SGArVida™ 70 WPAsana® XLAssail® 30SC InsecticideAssail® 70WP InsecticideAvenger™ S3™Aza-Direct®Azomar™Batallion™ 2 ECBatallion™ LFCBifen 25% ECBioCover® SSBioCover™ LSBioCover™ MLTBioCover™ ULBolton™Braize™ 35 WSBBrandt® Lime SulfurBrigade® WSB InsecticideBrigadier® InsecticideCalypso® 4 FlowableCavalry™ IICentaur® WDGChlorpyrifos 4E AG (Adama)Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG (Drexel)CinnerateCitri-OilCloser® SCCobalt® AdvancedCobalt® InsecticideCormoran™Couraze® 2FCouraze® 4Couraze® 4FCriterion™ 2F InsecticideCriterion™ 75 WSP InsecticideCrusader 1ECCrusader 2MEDamoil™ Dormant & Summer Spray OilDebug® ONDebug® OptimoDebug® TresDebug® TurboDeclare® InsecticideDefiance™ 0.86 ECDiazinon 50WDiazinon AG500Diazinon AG600 WBC InsecticideDistance® Insect Growth RegulatorDormant Flowable EmulsionDormant Oil 435Dormant PlusDursban® 50W-WSP Specialty InsecticideEcozin® Plus 1.2% MEEnforce™ 75WSP Turf and Ornamental InsecticideEnkounter™ InsecticideEnvidor® 2 SCEnvidor® CAEsteem® 0.86 EC Insect Growth RegulatorEsteem® 35 WP Insect Growth RegulatorFirestone™First Choice® Gavicide® Super 90First Choice® Narrow Range 415 Spray OilFyfanon® 8 lb. EmulsionGavicide® 470 Spray OilGavicide® Super 90Glacial® Spray FluidGladiator® Insecticide/MiticideGolden Pest Spray Oil™Govern® 4EGrandevo®Grandevo® CGGrandevo® WDGGreenFurrow® Organics Vista Clear Spray Oil IIGrizzly® TooGrizzly® Z InsecticideHatchet® InsecticideHero® EWIAP 440 Spray OilIAP Summer 415 Spray OilIMAX PlusImidan® 70-W (Water Soluble Bags)Imidashot DF InsecticideIntruder® Max 70WPJMS Stylet-Oil®Kaiso® 24 WGKarate® with Zeon™ TechnologyKendo® 22.8 CSKilter®L - C InsecticideLada® 2FLada® 75WSP InsecticideLambda TLambda-Cy AGLambda-Cy™ EC Insecticide-RUPLambdafos™ InsecticideLambdaStar 1 CSLambdaStar Plus InsecticideLamcap® IILamcap™Leaf Life® Gavicide Green® 415Leaf Life® Gavicide Green® 440Leverage® 360Lime Sulfur ULTRALime-Sulfur Solution™Lorsban® 75 WGLorsban®-4E InsecticideMacho® 2.0 FLMalathion 8Malathion 8 AquamulMalathion 8 FlowableMalice® 2FMalice® 75 WSPMallet® 75 WSP InsecticideMerit® 2FMerit® 75 WPMerit® 75 WSPMidash 2SC Ag InsecticideMidash Forte InsecticideMiller Lime Sulfur SolutionMineiro™ 2 FMite-E-Oil®Molt-X®Montana® 2FMontana® 4FMovento® MPCNarrow Range 415 Spray OilNufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 2Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4Nufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1EC InsecticideNufos® 4E (RUP)Nuprid® 4F Max InsecticideObelisk™Omni Oil 6-EOmni Supreme SprayOmni® Brand Imidacloprid 2F Flowable InsecticideOrganic JMS Stylet-Oil®Paradigm® VCPasada® 1.6FPhoenix Hawk-I® 2LPhoenix Hawk-I® 75WSPPHT 415 Supreme Spray OilPHT 440 Supreme Spray OilPHT Supreme Spray OilPitch® 0.86 ECPitch® 35 WPPrey® 1.6Proaxis® InsecticideProaxis® InsecticideProaxis™PROKoZ® Zenith® 75 WSPProvince® IIProvince™PureSpray™ GreenPureSpray™ Spray Oil 10EQuasar™ 8.5 SLRavage®Reemit™ 0.86 ECReemit™ 35 WSBRex Lime Sulfur SolutionSeican™Seize™ 35 WP Insect Growth RegulatorSenstar™ InsecticideSequoia® CA InsecticideSequoia® InsecticideSerpent™ 1 ECSevin® XLR PlusSherpa® InsecticideSil-Matrix® LCSilencer®Silencer® VXN™Skyraider®Spray Oil 415Spray Oil 470Super 94 Spray OilSuperior 70 OilSuperior Dormant Spray OilSuperior Spray Oil N.W.Supracide® 2-ESupracide® 25-WSupreme OilSurround® CF Crop ProtectantSwagger®Tempest™ Dual-Action InsecticideTerva® 35 WPTransform® WGTristar® 8.5SLUltra-Pure® OilVenerate® CGVenerate® XCVenerate™Viloprid™ FC 1.7VistaSpray™ 415 Spray OilVistaSpray™ 440 Spray OilVistaSpray™ 470 Spray OilVoliam Xpress®Warhawk®Warhawk® ClearForm®Warrior II with Zeon Technology®Whirlwind®Widow® InsecticideWil-Gro® Hort Oil 98-2Willowood Imidacloprid 4SCWillowood Lambda 1ECWillowood Lambda-Cy 1ECYuma® 4EZyrate®