Every product that labels SIGNALGRASS as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Acumen® HerbicideAfforia™Alligare Imazapyr 2 SLAlligare Imazapyr 4 SLAlligare Oryzalin 4Arsenal® herbicideArsenal® herbicide Applicators ConcentrateArsenal® PowerLine™ herbicideAxill Solutions Glufosinate 280SLBallast™Bicep II MAGNUM®Bicep II MAGNUM® FCBicep Lite II MAGNUM®Brawl II ATZ™Brawl II™BroadStar® HerbicideCaparol® 4LCharger Basic®Charger MAX®Charger MAX® ATZCharger MAX® ATZ LiteCinch® ATZCinch® ATZ LiteCornbelt® Trifluralin ECCotoran® 4LCotton-Pro®Depth Charge™Dintec Treflan® 4D HerbicideDiuron 80 WDG Weed KillerDual II MAGNUM® SIDual IIG MAGNUM®DuetDuet®Envive®Envive® HerbicideEptam® 7-E Selective HerbicideFinale®Finale® XL F-VM herbicideFinale® XL T&O herbicideFlumigard™ HerbicideFlumioxazin 51WDG Select™Framework® 3.3 EC HerbicideFugitive®Galvan®GCS Metola Plus 8ECHamper™ HerbicideHarbinger® Herbicide (241-337-34704)HeadwinHelena® PendimethalinHelmetHelmet SPCIntermoc™Ladem ATLifeline®Lifeline® GTLock Down™Lock Down™ SCMainline™Me-Too-Lachlor™Me-Too-Lachlor™ IIMedal®Medal® IIMedal® II ATMedal® II ATZMedal® II ECMetalicaMetolachlor 8EMoccasin™Nufarm Polaris® AC Complete HerbicideNufarm Polaris® HerbicideOpportunityOryzalin 4 A.S. HerbicideOust® ExtraOust® XPOust® XPPacoParallel® HerbicideParallel® PCS HerbicideParallel® PlusPayback ATZPayload® HerbicidePayload® SCPendulum® 2G granule herbicidePendulum® 3.3 EC herbicidePendulum® AquaCap™ herbicidePennant MAGNUM®Phenomenon™Phenomenon™ DuoPhoenix Hammerkop™ HydroCapPhoenix Harrier® 4LPin-Dee™ 3.3 ECPin-Dee™ 3.3 T & OPrincep® 4LPrincep® Caliber 90® HerbicidePrincep® LiquidPriority 8EPromenade™Prometryne 4L HerbicideProwl® 3.3 EC herbicideProwl® H2O herbicideReckon™ 280SLRowel™ FX HerbicideSatellite® 3.3 herbicideSatellite® FlexSatellite® HydroCap herbicideSemera® 51.0% WDGSemera™ SCSharda Fluometuron 4SCShowcase™ Specialty HerbicideSim-Trol® 4L Simazine Flowable HerbicideSim-Trol® 90DF Simazine Dry Flowable HerbicideSimazine 4LSimazine 4LSimazine 4L FlowableSimazine 90 WDGSimazine 90DFSimazine 90DF (Drexel)Snapshot® 2.5 TG Specialty HerbicideSnapshot® DG Specialty HerbicideSpiruS™Spyder® Extra Selective HerbicideSpyder® Selective HerbicideStalwart® C HerbicideStalwart® HerbicideStalwart® Xtra HerbicideStalwart® Xtra LiteStealth CompleteSuperWHAM!® 80 DF-CASureGuard® HerbicideSureGuard® SC HerbicideSurflan® A.S. AgriculturalSurflan® AS SpecialtySurflan® FlexSurflan® Flex T&OSurflan® XL 2GSurmise®Tailwind™Tenkoz® Trifluralin 4 EC (62719-250-55467)Total TNVTotal® 2.3Treflan® 4 EC HerbicideTreflan® HFP HerbicideTreflan® HFP HerbicideTreflan™ 4L HerbicideTriangle® HerbicideTrifluralin 4 E.C.Trifluralin 4 EC HerbicideTrifluralin 4ECTrifluralin 4EC (Drexel)Trifluralin HFTriflurex® HFPTripzin™ ZCTrivence™Trizmet™ IITrizmet™ LiteTrust® HerbicideValor® XLT Soybean HerbicideVegetable Pro® HerbicideVisor BroadcropXL 2G