Tent Caterpillar

Every product that labels TENT CATERPILLAR as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Acenthrin™Acephate 90 PrillAcephate 90 Prill Select™Acephate 90 WDGAcephate 97 WDGAcephate 97UP®Allectus® SCAloft® GC SCArborMectin™Astro® InsecticideAtrevia™ 3.0% SLAxxe®AzaGuard® Botanical Insecticide/NematicideBatallion™ 2 ECBatallion™ LFCBelt® SCBesiege® InsecticideBifen 2 AG GoldBifen 25% ECBifender® FC InsecticideBiobit® HP Biological InsecticideBisect® LBlackhawk® Naturalyte® Insect ControlBracket® 90 WDGBracket® 97Bracket® 97 WDGBT Now®Carbaryl 4LCarbaryl 4LCavalry™ IICedar Gard™Chlorpyrifos 4E AG (Adama)Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG (Drexel)Cinnerate (Seipasa)Cinnerate® (Sym-Agro)Conserve® SC Insect ControlCovert™ Termiticide/InsecticideCrusader 1ECCrusader 2MECrymax® BioinsecticideDanitol® 2.4 EC Spray Insecticide-MiticideDecathlon™ 20 WPDeclare® InsecticideDeclare® InsecticideDeliver® Biological InsecticideDes-X® Insecticidal SoapDiazinon 50WDiazinon AG500Diazinon AG500Diazinon AG600 WBC InsecticideDibrom® 8 Emulsive (RUP)DiflunateDimilin® 25WDimilin® 2LDiPel® DF Biological InsecticideDiPel® ES Biological InsecticideDiPel® Pro DF Biological Insecticide Dry FlowableDurant 2LDurant™ 2 L IGRDursban® 50W-WSP Specialty InsecticideEcozin® Plus 1.2% MEEndigo® ZCEndigo® ZCXEntrust® Naturalyte Insect ControlEntrust® SC Naturalyte Insect ControlFirestone™Fyfanon® 8 lb. EmulsionGCS Bifenthrin 2ECGrandevo®Grandevo® CGGrandevo® WDGGrizzly® TooGrizzly® Z InsecticideJavelin® WG Biological InsecticideKaiso® 24 WGKarate® with Zeon™ TechnologyKendo® 22.8 CSKendo™ InsecticideKilter®L - C InsecticideLambda TLambda-Cy AGLambda-Cy™ EC Insecticide-RUPLamcap® IILamcap™Leap® ESLeprotec®Livid® 90 PrillLivid® 97 PrillM-Pede® Insecticide Miticide FungicideMalathion 5Malathion 8Malathion 8 AquamulMalathion 8 FlowableMalathion 8-E InsecticideMavrik Aquaflow®Menace® 7.9% FlowableMenace® GC 7.9% FlowableMeridian® 0.33GMeridian® 25WGMolt-X®Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4Nufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1EC InsecticideOrthene® Turf, Tree & Ornamental 97 SprayOrthene® Turf,Tree & Ornamental WSPOverture® 35 WP InsecticideParadigm®Paradigm® VCPerm-UP® 3.2 ECPermethrin 3.2 AGPermethrin 3.2 EC (70506-9-5905)Phoenix Firebird® ProPro-Mate® BifenthrinProaxis® InsecticideProaxis® InsecticideProaxis™Province® IIProvince™Ravage®Reveal®Reveal® Endurx™Safari® 20 SG InsecticideSerpent™ 1 ECSevin® 4FSevin® SLSevin® XLR PlusSilencer®Silencer® VXN™SpinTor® 2SC Naturalyte® Insect ControlSuccess® Naturalyte® Insect ControlSuspend® SCSuspend® SCTalstar® S Select InsecticideTempo® SC UltraTempo® SC UltraTempo® Ultra WPTengard® SFRTenkoz® Acephate 97Tide Acephate 90 WDGTide Diflubenzuron 2SCUnforgivenUp-Star® GoldUp-Star® SC Lawn and NurseryVenerate® CGVenerate® XCVenerate™Voliam Xpress®Warrior II with Zeon Technology®Willowood Bifenthrin 2ECWillowood Lambda 1ECWillowood Lambda-Cy 1ECWisdom® FlowableWisdom® TC FlowableXenTari® Biological InsecticideZelto®