Twig Blight

Every product that labels TWIG BLIGHT as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
3336® EG3336® F3336® WPAcadia® ESQAcoidalAframe™AG StreptomycinAuron™ DFAZterknot®Bac-Master™Badge® SCBadge® SCBadge® SCBadge® X2Badge® X2Badge® X2C-O-C-S® WDGCaptan 38.75% FLCaptan 4LCaptan 4L Flowable FungicideCaptan 50WCaptan 50WCaptan 80 WDGCaptan 80 WDGCaptan 80 WDGCaptan 80 WDGCaptan 80 WDG FungicideCaptan 80WDGCaptan Gold® 80WDGCaptan Gold™ 4LCaptec 4L®Captevate® 68 WDGCarb-O-Nator®Chlorothalonil 720Chlorothalonil 82.5DF SelectChlorothalonil-ZnCSC Dusting SulfurCuproxat® FLCuproxat® Flowable Copper FungicideEagle® 20EW Specialty FungicideEagle® 40WP Specialty FungicideEcho® 720 Agricultural FungicideEcho® 720 Turf and Ornamental FungicideEcho® Ultimate ETQ™Echo® Ultimate Turf and Ornamental FungicideEcho® Zn Agricultural FungicideElevate® 50 WDGElevate® 50 WDG FungicideFungo® FloGCS Azoxy 2SCIncognito® 85 WDGKentan® DFKocide® 2000Kocide® 2000-OKOP-Hydroxide™Lektivar™ 40SCLime Sulfur ULTRAManKocide®Nu-Cop® 30 HBNufarm T-Methyl SPC 4.5F FungicideNufarm T-Methyl SPC 50 WSB FungicideOmavo™Omega® 500FOmni® Brand Chlorothalonil 720SCOrbus™ 4 FOrkestra™ Intrinsic® brand fungicidePegasus® DFXPhoenix Siskin®Phoenix T-Bird® 4.5LPrimeraOne® Chlorothalonil 720 SFT FungicidePrimeraOne® Chlorothalonil DFRally® 40WSP FungicideRex Lime Sulfur SolutionStargus™Suffa®Sulfur 6 LSulfur 80 WDGSulfur Dry FlowableT-Bird® 4.5LTalaris™ 4.5 FTalaris™ 50 WSPTee-Off® 4.5FTHAT® Flowable SulfurTM 4.5F Select™Vantana™Yellow Jacket Flowable SulfurZiram® 76DFZiram® XCEL