Blue2 Ready-to-Use Liquid Hydration Supplement
TechMix, LLC

Blue2 Ready-to-Use Liquid Hydration Supplement, 2.5 Gal

Category: Other Drugs & Treatments, Big Order Discount Eligible

Species: Swine

Active Ingredient(s): salt(s); potassium chloride; monosodium glutamate; sodium citrate


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Product details

Blue2® for weaned pigs is a Nutrient Dense Liquid that contains energy, electrolytes, and acidification.  This product has been scientifically formulated to reach optimum osmolarity for improved rehydration.

Enhanced osmolarity facilitates water transport and absorption.  When pigs are stressed and unfamiliar with their environment, offering Blue2 for 3 days provides the critical hydration and energy pigs need to recover quickly.  Acidification helps maintain a low stomach pH aiding digestion and prevention of bacterial growth.  In addition, using Blue2 in the drinking water functions as a very effective attractant helping increase weaned pig water consumption.  Blue2 is a ready to use stock solution and easily delivered in a proportioner, making it an ideal product for the weaned pig.


    • At weaning to provide more nutrients to the pig through the water

    • During times of stress or sickness to promote water and feed intake

    • During heat stress to offer energy and rehydration support