BlueLite C for Calves
TechMix, LLC

BlueLite C for Calves, 6lb

Category: Big Order Discount Eligible, Other Drugs & Treatments

Species: Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle

Active Ingredient(s): phosphorus; sodium chloride; sodium; potassium


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Product details

BlueLite® C is an electrolyte with multiple energy sources and acidification that can be given to help rehydrate calves and to promote a healthy gut. BlueLite C can be administered with milk, milk replacer or water to enhance digestion, and has been proven an effective and easy way to ensure that young calves maintain hydration. Rely on the proven success of BlueLite C to provide readily digestible energy and electrolytes any time hydration support is needed. 

  • When to Use: 

    • To encourage water intake and maintain hydration

    • For rehydration of transported calves

    • To encourage hydration during periods of stress

    • To promote clot formation of milk nutrients to help utilization of milk solids

    • To enhance digestion and optimize nutrient utilization

    • Add to water during the summer and winter months for added energy