Calf Pro Medicated Supplement, 2 L
Animal Technologies, Inc

Calf Pro Medicated Supplement, 2 L

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Product details
  • Calf Pro is a unique liquid formulation containing Bovatec® (lasalocid)*, an early acting coccidiocide. Bovatec has been proven effective in controlling coccidiosis caused by E. bovis and E. zuernii in cattle. It acts early in the life cycle to protect against intestinal damage. Calf Pro is formulated with fat soluble vitamins, A, D3 & E, plus water soluble vitamins, B1, B6, B12, Biotin & Niacin to fortify the nutritional needs of non-ruminating young calves.

  • Calf Pro Features

    • Coccidiosis Protection From The First Feeding

    • Correct Medication Level For The Critical 4 To 5 Weeks After Birth

    • Excellent Vitamin Supplementation Levels

    • Complete Additive For Whole Milk Or Discard Milk Fed To Calves

    • Provides Anticoccidial Medication To Milk Replacers That Do Not Have A Coccidiocide

    • Easy To Administer

    • Good Mixability & Palatability

    • No Residues