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Complete Dehydration Treatment (CDT)

Complete Dehydration Treatment (CDT), 18 Count

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Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle
Active Ingredients
phosphorus; sodium chloride; sodium; potassium

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Product details

An electrolyte solution, formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists, which provides the proper balance of electrolytes and energy to put scouring and dehydrated calves back on track.

  • Balanced Electrolytes: Scouring and dehydrated calves are low in potassium and sodium. These electrolytes are essential for proper metabolism and growth. CDT provides proper levels of sodium, potassium and chloride to ensure that these important electrolytes are available to the calf.

  • Corrects Acidosis: Scouring calves become acidotic (body is functioning in an acidic state) because they lose bicarbonate with the scours. CDT is one of the few electrolyte solutions which uses acetate as an alkalizing agent to rebalance the calf to a normal pH. Acetate does not interfere with the milk clot like sodium bicarbonate does so it can be fed closer to a milk meal. CDT should not be mixed with milk.

  • Provides Energy: Scouring calves need energy. We do not recommend that calves be taken off milk unless they cannot suckle. However, CDT provides dextrose at high enough levels to give the calves supplemental energy. If calves are taken off milk, this will give them the energy needed to fight disease.

  • Amino Acid for Electrolyte Absorption: Glycine is an amino acid that has been shown to facilitate the absorption of sodium, which assists with restoring electrolyte balance.