Cash Flow Projection

Annual Cash Flow Projection Template

Download the Free Excel Cash Flow Projection Template from FBN® Finance.

Cash Flow Projection Template

Our Excel annual cash flow template puts you in control by empowering you to make business decisions to optimize your operation’s success.

A deep understanding of your farm’s financial position is an essential part of running a successful ag operation. 

By helping you estimate how much cash is moving through your business, an annual cash flow projection helps you effectively track farm expenses, mitigate financial risk and plan when to make ag equipment or input purchases, farmland acquisitions, or other farm investments. Also referred to as a cash flow forecast, cash flow projections help you manage operational spending and identify potential financial challenges, like cash shortages.


Guided Calculations

The free annual cash flow projection template from FBN Finance serves as a helpful resource by guiding you through calculations for your:


Estimate how much money your ag business expects to collect this year, including income from crops, livestock, government payments or other sources.


Calculate annual expenses, including ag chemical purchases, crop insurance payments, labor costs, utility fees and taxes.

Net Operating Margin

Determine how much profit your ag operation will earn for every dollar of revenue generated.

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