10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Farmland

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10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Farmland Guide

Once you find farmland that seems to be the perfect fit for your growing agricultural operation, it’s time to dig into details with 10 key questions.

Make an Informed Land Purchase

Land purchases are substantial investments that require significant research before making a final decision. After identifying a property you’re interested in acquiring, it’s important to ask the current owner a few key questions to confirm the property is the right fit for your operation’s unique needs.

This downloadable checklist from FBN Finance outlines 10 questions to frame your conversation with the current property owner to ensure the land meets your requirements, including inquiries about: 

  • Soil Productivity: Does the previous harvest data align with your future land usage plans?

  • Property Configuration: How are the fields oriented in comparison to the sun and wind exposure? 

  • Zoning Restrictions: Are there restrictions on how the property can legally be used? 


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