Buying Farmland Checklist

Be Prepared Before You Purchase Farmland

Download the new Buying Farmland Checklist from FBN® Finance.

Buying Farmland Checklist

Our free checklist gives you the knowledge of what you need to consider and what to look out for when preparing to purchase farmland.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Land

While buying farmland can be a capital intensive investment in a competitive landscape, it can often be a preferable alternative to renting for many farmers. Owning farmland also presents exciting opportunities for farmers looking to establish a new farm or expand their existing ag operation.

If you're interested in buying farmland, we recommend you review this detailed guide to set yourself up for success when preparing for a land purchase.


What's in the Guide?

We know there are a number of important considerations to keep in mind while purchasing land. We developed this checklist with farmers in mind to help prepare and guide you in the ag land purchasing journey. Some of the key takeaways in the guide include:

What to Expect

Learn about the various steps and details throughout the purchase process.

What to Look For

Understand common red flags and get access to additional content and tools like our new Balance Sheet Template.

Finding Land

How to find the right farmland and financing options for your needs.

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Unlock Your Checklist

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