Free Ag Operating Lines 101 Guide

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Ag Operating Lines 101 Guide

Learn the basics about an operating line financing solution and determine if it could be the right fit for your agricultural operation.

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Farming is a capital intensive business with a seasonal income timeline. To pay for essential agricultural purchases throughout the season, farmers often rely on financing solutions like operating lines.

Written by the FBN Finance team, Ag Operating Lines 101 is a detailed, free guide created to answer common ag producer questions about operating lines and the financing application process, including:

  • How Do Operating Lines Work: What is an operating line, and which farm expenses can it be used to pay for?

  • What Is an Operating Line vs. Loan: How does an operating line differ from an operating loan, and which may be right for your operation?

  • What Are the Qualification Guidelines: Who can secure an ag operating line, and how does the financing application process work?


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