5 Benefits You'll Receive When You Shop at FBN® Australia

Mark Wilson

Jul 07, 2022

FBN came to Australia in 2020 with a mission to democratise information for farmers by providing unbiased analytics and creating competition for farmers’ business. Our goal was, and still is, to connect farmers by using advanced information and doing business in a fundamentally different way. 

That’s why you’ll be able to get more farming done, anytime, anywhere when you shop on FBN.com. But what are the benefits of online farming with FBN? When you shop with FBN you’ll always get:

  1. Convenience

  2. Potential opportunity to save on crop protection

  3. Transparent list pricing

That’s what we’ll always offer but when you shop with us but here are four more reasons why you should be shopping on FBN.com:

1. Quality crop protection products

FBN Direct® carries a wide range of crop protection products like adjuvants and herbicides as well as crop nutrition products like high uptake nutrients. Our platform also assists you in identifying label required or recommended adjuvant pairings with crop protection products.

2. Transparent list pricing 

With transparent list pricing, you’ll get the relevant price information on the inputs you’re buying to make informed decision for your farm. 

3. Data analytics

FBN was launched as a source of farmer-driven information and data. Our data analytics platform anonymises and aggregates member information to help you make more informed decisions for your operation. 

4. Free direct-to-farm delivery

Delivery is free on all orders in Australia. You can choose your delivery date and schedule and track your orders. Enjoy the convenience of delivery direct to you, putting more time back in your day.

5. Free membership

FBN membership is always free*. As a member, you’ll have access to free tools such as yield prediction, satellite imagery and custom analytics and reports. Tracking your crops throughout the season has never been easier and you’ll always know what’s going on in your paddocks. 

FBN has more to offer growers than products. The data analytics tool can make such a huge difference to all Australian farmers. FBNs impact is still in its early days in Australia, but over the next 3 years it will make inroads with its data analytics and additional products/services it will introduce to Australia,” says Community Builder Brodie Bridgman

Sign up to become a free member*. 

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Mark Wilson

Jul 07, 2022