Dec 07, 2023

by Kathy Bogardus

Utilizing the right financing options available is incredibly important to all farming operations. Having the right financing in place is key to ensuring that your operation runs smoothly and is financially stable. As such, the relationship between an ag operation and its lender is quite important.

Dec 05, 2023

by FBN Network

As you prepare to meet with your accountant at the end of the year, your primary goal is likely to reduce your tax liability ahead of the coming year. To achieve this as a cash basis taxpayer, there are a number of available tax liability reduction strategies to consider and discuss with your accoun

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5 Ways Farmers Can Get Ready for Tax Season

Dec 04, 2023

by Kathy Bogardus

As the holidays wind down and the new year approaches, it’s a time for hopeful plans. But in the midst of all the cheer you face a looming responsibility—tax season.  It’s a time of year most of us don’t look forward to—gathering receipts, remembering what expenses we had (but may have forgotten to

Dec 01, 2023

by FBN Network

When in the market for an Ag land loan, farmers are confronted with many important questions. One such question is whether to take out a farm land loan with a fixed or variable interest rate. When making this choice, it's important to know the difference between the two and why different types of

Nov 30, 2023

by FBN Network

[Click here to access the 6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Farmland guide.] With farmland values rising in today’s competitive market, many farmers are exploring ways to optimize their property values by making improvements to their acreage and enhancing its appeal to potential buyers. The fre

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How to Build a Farm Budget

Nov 16, 2023

by FBN Network

Every day, farm managers face critical decisions that affect their operation’s financial situation. Selling crops, buying equipment, adopting a new production practice and purchasing inputs are just a few examples of choices influencing profitability at the year's end.  A farm budget can help farmer

Nov 09, 2023

by FBN Network

There are a number of financial, educational and business development resources available for veterans interested in learning about farm programs. Here is a list of a few helpful resources that could benefit your ag operation: Financial Resources Grant and loan programs for military veterans offer

Nov 08, 2023

by FBN Network

Equipment is likely one of your largest farm assets and plays a critical role in maximizing your operation’s profitability potential.  But when equipment isn’t performing as it should, you’re faced with a tough decision: repair or replace?  Every situation is different, so it’s important to evaluat

Nov 02, 2023

by FBN Network

Farmers often have complex financial and tax situations that require thoughtful consideration as retirement or succession planning approaches. Retirement may affect a farmer’s personal finances as well as the family business’ finances and estate planning.  Diversifying the investment portfolio can h

Nov 01, 2023

by Kathy Bogardus

Today the Federal Reserve announced it will not raise interest rates, though signs did indicate a growing likelihood of another increase before the end of 2023. For now, however, rates will continue to remain steady for at least the next six weeks as the Fed waits to see the full economic impact of