Our Community Builder Program gives skilled salespeople and Ag industry professionals the opportunity to grow their own business while providing value, convenience and savings to family farmers. Community Builders bring bigger savings to their community by selling FBN Direct 's portfolio of crop protection, seed and livestock products. Community Builders receive:  Commission for every sale and quarterly payments Extensive support from an FBN Relationship Manager and backing from Logistics, Customer Experience and Marketing teams. Access to high-quality, competitive products. Freedom to set your own hours and generate your own goals. How can I become a Community Builder?  Skilled salespeople and Ag industry professionals who are interested in making extra money while bringing bigger savings to their community, can learn about the program here: Community Builder Program . Interested individuals should fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch with more information. 

We strive to offer the best return on investment (ROI) in the industry. This means that we offer great quality seed at a great price! Our seed production is managed internally and is produced/conditions using industry standard practices. We offer great pricing by cutting out unnecessary layers of the seed industry. .

It’s simple!   Create a farm (you can add unlimited farms).     Create your fields for each farm (upload your monitor files or boundary maps or we can do this for you!).    Add events like planting and harvest to your fields (we will automatically do this from any monitor file you upload). Add other farm data like chemical invoices or seed tags to access different parts of the network.  Once your data has been processed by our Data Operations team, you can log in and go to "My Operation" to view your account specific analytics. If you'd like a personal account walk-through, contact your rep to schedule a time that works for you or call us at 844 200-FARM!

Yes, FBN ® has a team of certified agronomists with expertise in crop protection and adjuvants, seed, traits and seed treatments, fertility, plant growth regulators and biostimulants. Our ROI-focused agronomists value your profitability, not just your topline yield. And because our agronomy team is not commissioned to sell any particular products, you receive independent objective answers to your agronomy-related questions. To connect with an agronomist, please contact your assigned FBN representative or call us at (844) 200-FARM.

We use farmer-submitted data in two ways: The first is to create independent product evaluations based on real-world performance data across millions of acres. We help farmers turn their chemical application data into insights about product selection, and provide opportunities for substantial savings. For example, we conducted a national analysis of crop-acres sprayed with glyphosate and found little yield difference between the acres sprayed with 4-pound versus 6-pound glyphosate (less than 2 bu/A variance for both corn and soybeans). The second way FBN® uses data is to create Price Transparency on hundreds of crop protection products. Farmers submit data about pricing in their local areas. Our latest Chemical Price Transparency Report found that herbicides and insecticides can account for as much as 15% of a farmer's variable cost of production. Some chemicals analyzed had as much as a 200% difference in price paid in the same state. We compare these prices to our standard, nationwide price - which is always the same for all  FBN  members, regardless of where they farm - to calculate estimated savings through  FBN . All members can view our nationally-delivered price anytime right in their accounts at .

To ensure high-quality product, we work closely with reputable manufacturers with proven formulation capabilities. Most products sold by FBN Direct are formulated or packaged in the United States and inspected in one of FBN’s distribution centers before reaching your farm. We offer a guarantee that all products sold through FBN Direct will be as labeled. If any product is not as labeled, we will either arrange for a replacement product or provide a full refund.

FBN Direct ® is a game-changing, direct-to-farm commerce platform, enhanced by transparent insights and a peer community that redefines value and convenience for the family farmer. FBN Direct helps farmers maximize their farm’s profit potential in three key ways:  Reduce the cost of production with great-value farm inputs and services Make it easy to do business with a convenient online store available 24/7 and timely direct-to-farm delivery Make confident decisions with insights backed by data from real farmer members  Browse crop protection, adjuvants, biologicals, seed, and more anytime in our online store. We offer transparent, no-zone pricing on inputs, plus exclusive deals, discounts, and input financing to qualified applicants throughout the year.

Absolutely not. Nor do we share it with seed or input companies. The FBN  network was created by farmers, for farmers, as a platform to give farmers the full power of aggregated data by democratizing farm information.  FBN  is a sharing platform for its members. Members who contribute data can access  FBN 's aggregated analytics on seed performance, fertility performance, input price analysis, agronomic practice analytics and more. The data inside  FBN  is fully anonymized, meaning no one can see what you do on your farm and you can never see what another farmer is doing on their fields. Anonymized, aggregated analytics and seed performance help farmers make better, more profitable decisions.   Thousands of farmers are "democratizing" farm data by crowdsourcing information through the  FBN  network. Democratizing information means putting information in farmers’ hands, equally and transparently. By networking thousands of farms together and creating a common platform for anonymized, aggregated analytics, farmers are creating their own information source, entirely by and for farmers. A single farmer can now have more information on hybrid seed performance than anyone else– helping them make better choices.

Yes. You control how your data is shared with your advisors and other third parties. We anonymize all analytics. Your name or personal information is never associated with your data when included in aggregated performance metrics. No one can see information on your fields without your permission. Additionally, FBN℠  is formally certified as an Ag Data Transparent company. Learn more about what this means by reading this article . You can also check out our privacy policy here for full details .

Absolutely.  FBN  gets more intelligent with each new member in your region. Often, the easiest way is to connect with us on  Facebook or  Twitter and "share" our community posts directly with your friends.  Let us know how we can help make the network insights stronger in your area. We're available anytime at