Do You Know How Much Your Neighbour Is Paying for Ag Chemicals?

Brian Paff

Apr 22, 2020

In the third edition of our Canadian Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report, we took our most extensive look yet at regional price differences in Canada for the same exact product. 

We analyzed more than 2,300 unique pricing data points contributed by member farmers for the 2019 crop year, spanning 3 provinces and more than 270 insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and adjuvants. 

One of our main objectives this year was to learn more about how prices varied within the same regions across Canada.

Learn more about price disparities Canadian farmers face.

Farmers in similar geographies often pay very different prices for the same product 

What we found was telling: Farmers who live within close proximity to one another can still pay widely varying prices for the same exact product.

In Southern Saskatchewan, for example, Raxil® PRO Fungicide reportedly sold for $33.42 per liter in one town and for $40.92 per liter—a 22-percent markup—roughly 30 kilometers down the road. 

Drive another hour into the southwestern corner of Manitoba and you’d meet a third farmer who reported paying $32.50 per liter for the same exact product.

That’s a lot of price variance, to be sure. 

But bear in mind that these three reported prices were still 23 to 55 percent greater than the lowest price reported ($26.43 per liter) for Raxil® PRO Fungicide in our regional dataset, which approximately covered a 100-kilometer radius.

We also analyzed reported price differences for ag chemical co-packs and found similar disparities within the same region.

The reported prices for Assure® 8L + 8L in our dataset were a bit more dispersed geographically. Within a 150-kilometer radius or so, we saw a 17-percent difference between the lowest and highest reported price for the co-pack. 

In one notable example, a farmer in Western Saskatchewan paid $11 more per unit for Assure® 8L+8L than another farmer roughly 30 minutes away.

Get a clearer picture of prices other farmers are paying

At Farmers Business Network℠, we’re working together with thousands of farmers to confront the lack of price transparency in the industry today and put power back into your hands. Grab the latest copy of our Canadian Ag Chemical Price Transparency Report to see if you're paying a fair price.

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Brian Paff

Apr 22, 2020