Be Ready for Calving Season with the FBN® Calving Kit

Mikaela Tierney

Jan 30, 2024

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With calving season quickly approaching, it’s time to make sure you have all your calving equipment and supplies ready to go at a moment’s notice. The FBN® Calving Kit helps make the preparation process simpler than ever. 

The FBN Calving Kit includes

  • OB Chain 60"

  • OB Handles

  • Elastrator Bands

  • Allflex Tag Pen Black

  • Iodine 1% 16 oz

  • Chlorhexidine Solution 2% 16 oz

  • General Lube 8 oz 

  • OB Standard Sleeve 10 count

  • Shop Towels

Developed in collaboration with FBN veterinarians and FBN members like Mike Galloway, rancher, farmer, and creator of Our Wyoming Life, the FBN Calving Kit offers quality products for producers. 

“Being prepared during calving season is important to the health and well being of mama cow and her calf,” says Dr. Erika Nagorske, a practicing veterinarian at Southwest Veterinary Services, FBN’s official veterinary partner. “The FBN Calving Kit sets farmers and ranchers up for success during this important season by offering the essential supplies you need all in one easily portable bucket.”

“I can’t stress enough that calving season is a critical period for ranchers and farmers,” says Galloway in his FBN Calving Kit & Calving Strategies video. “Having the right tools is indispensable for ensuring the health, productivity, and sustainability of your livestock operation.” 

“Proper management during this time sets the foundation for a thriving herd and a successful business,” he says. “FBN helps us do that by offering all the tools that we may need during this stressful time on the ranch.”  

“Every year you end up misplacing things. You know things need [to be] replaced,” says Galloway, who acknowledges that sometimes calving comes earlier than expected. The concept of an all-in-one kit is a plus for Galloway, who says, “This is a one-time order type deal.” 

With all included supplies stored inside a convenient plastic tote, the FBN Calving Kit makes it easy to keep everything you need for calving organized and ready to go. 

“This season is of paramount importance to the overall success of livestock operations as it directly impacts the health and productivity of your herd,” says Galloway. “Having the right tools during calving season becomes essential to the well being of both the animals and the farmers.”  

Get everything you need for a successful calving season with the all-in-one FBN Calving Kit. Equipped with an OB standard sleeve, elastrator bands, tag pens, iodine, chlorhexidine solution, and more calving essentials, the FBN Calving Kit helps you check everything off your list with just one click on FBN. Get your FBN Calving Kit here. 

Watch Galloway’s unboxing video on the Our Wyoming Life Youtube channel or in the video player below. 

Buy the FBN Calving Kit now

Reviewer referenced in this blog post/video received a free FBN Calving Kit in exchange for making their review.

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Mikaela Tierney

Jan 30, 2024

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