How Much Do Corn Seed Discounts Vary by State?

Sally Krueger

Oct 02, 2018

In theCorn Seed Discounts Report, we found that discounts were not evenly applied between states, and even within the same brands! Meaning, what farmers pay for seed, really does depend on where they live.

Discounts Differ by State - Here's How Much

While some seed companies offer non-priced based discounts, perks, rebates, finance offers, gifts, etc., many seed companies utilize regional “zone pricing,” in which the price they charge for seed varies from state to state and even within states.

For example, while it is generally true that Pioneer® seed is less expensive than Dekalb® seed on average after discounts, it may not be true in a state like Nebraska, where Dekalb® tends to offer some of its highest discounts and Pioneer® tends to offer some of its lowest discounts. The median Pioneer® discount in Nebraska is almost exactly the same as the median Dekalb® discount, and as a result, their median prices after discount are similar, around $250.

What can you do about it?

  1. Instead of chasingdiscounts, look for overall profit opportunities, which come from a combination of high yields and low pricesafterdiscounts. That said, for a given selection of seed, bigger discounts can be better.

  2. Through FBN Seed Finder’s Price Transparency system, farmers can examine the final seed prices net of discounts paid by other FBN members in their state for thousands of individual seeds.  

  3. Find out if you are choosing the right genetics and trait packages for your own farm. Farmers should useFBN Yield Potential to determine a hybrid’s overall performance (not just the list price).

We've analyzed thousands of seed invoices to help shed light on just how much discount programs impact your corn seed price and which strategies could be most advantageous to your bottom line. 

FBN members can access this exclusive report on corn seed discounts in the "My Reports" section of their FBN accounts. 

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Sally Krueger

Oct 02, 2018