How Much Are Farmers in Your State Paying for Ag Chemicals?

Brian Paff

Feb 14, 2020

This probably comes as no surprise, but farmers pay radically different prices for the same exact ag chemicals (Spoiler Alert: The same is true for seed prices).

You might be tempted to think this price disparity largely has to do with geography. After all, factors like distribution costs and regional demand might make a product more expensive in, say, North Dakota, than it is in Illinois. 

How do prices for ag chemicals vary within states?

When we analyzed in-state pricing for the same product, we found huge price disparities in many cases. Take a look at our price analysis for Roundup PowerMAX®, one of the most commonly-used products in our dataset, on a state-by-state basis:

As you can see, there was a 141 percent difference in Illinois between the lowest and highest reported price per gallon for Roundup PowerMAX®. 

The difference was not quite as extreme in places like North Dakota (or South Dakota, for that matter), but a farmer there was still paying upwards of $7 more per gallon for the herbicide than another farmer 80 miles away.

Our free report includes similar in-state price analyses for other popular products in our dataset. In one case, an Illinois farmer could have purchased Callisto® and theoretically saved $144 per gallon just by driving 35 miles down the road!

This is real savings we’re talking about here—money that could go straight back into your operation and help you maximize your profit potential.

You deserve price transparency when buying inputs

When prices are transparent, you’re able to take power back into your hands when building your management strategy. 

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Brian Paff

Feb 14, 2020