Watch Now: Livestock Risk Management and Pinkeye Webinar

Mark Wilson

May 24, 2023

As summer approaches -- and with it, fly season -- it’s a good time to discuss all things related to pinkeye and clostridial disease. Keeping livestock risk management strategies top of mind year round can also help proactively address the risks that come with livestock production. 

In this webinar, Dr. Erica Nagorske and Dr. Spencer Wolter, both practicing veterinarians with Southwest Veterinary ServicesTM, discuss ways to manage pinkeye and clostridial disease. They’re joined by Dr. Mike Fanning, Ph.D., PAS, the head of livestock insurance at FBN® Insurance, who discusses Livestock Risk Management.

Watch the Webinar

Pinkeye/Clostridial Disease Management Strategies

In this webinar, Dr. Nagorske and Dr. Wolter discuss ways to manage pinkeye and clostridial disease, including:

  • Clinical signs 

  • Causes 

  • Treatment

  • Prevention

Livestock Producer Risk Management Strategies

Dr. Fanning explains the dangers of risk and how to better manage your exposure to potential risks as a producer. Dr. Fanning’s presentation covers:

  • Types of risk, including production risk, market risk, and financial risk

  • Risk management tools

  • Types of insurance

Protect Your Herd with FBN

FBN is here to help you protect your herd.

For producers looking to maintain herd health, pinkeye control vaccines are available online, along with fly control products and other insecticides, through the FBN Direct® Animal Health store

For producers looking to insure their herd to protect against market loss, mortality loss, or other unexpected perils, FBN Insurance has the expertise to serve producers of all sizes. Manage your livestock risk by calling (877) 576-4468 to connect directly with an FBN Insurance agent today or visit to learn more.

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Mark Wilson

May 24, 2023

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