Delivering a Well-Rounded Corn Portfolio

Steve Sick

Sep 14, 2020

As we look into our development pipeline each year, our primary goal at F2F Genetics Network™ is to deliver high-performing genetics, affordable traits and technology and a commitment to help you lower production costs and maximize your potential return on investment.

When we launched our first seed lineup in 2018, we placed a lot of focus on bringing quality conventional corn hybrids to the market and helping farmers understand the potential value of conventional premiums and reduced seed costs to support their bottom lines. 

Want quality genetics at a fair price?

But we know that in agriculture, it takes different cropping plans and systems to help every farm be successful. That’s why it is so exciting that our 2021 seed lineup includes more options than ever before, giving you increased access to a diverse range of quality hybrids at the right prices.

#Plant21: F2F Genetics Network seed corn

Trying to figure out which hybrids to plant in 2021? Here are a few highlights from our F2F Genetics Network seed corn lineup:

Conventional Corn

Our robust hybrid lineup continues to feature high-performing conventional corn products — 20 unique seed varieties ranging in maturity from 78 to 116 days — that help you focus on your bottom line. For years, farmers have been pressured to spend more on traits they might not need in order to chase high yields—no matter the cost. Our conventional hybrids are developed for performance and come with a more attractive price tag, making it easier for the numbers to work for your operation. 

Traited Corn

Sometimes traits offer you the flexibility you need to effectively manage pressure on your farm. In this year’s portfolio, we are proud to distribute more than two dozen quality Master Farmer™ hybrids traited to help address a variety of needs you might have. 

We’re also completing trials on hybrids carrying a now off-patent trait for glyphosate tolerance (GT). This is among the first off-patent GT traits on the market, and it shows our continued commitment to bringing great value products while lowering your farm’s cost of production. 

Our GT corn products will also be particularly useful in states where structured refuge is required, meaning you won’t have to pay higher prices to meet refuge requirements. 

Organic Corn

For an increasing number of you, transitioning acres to grow organic row crops is attractive from a sustainability perspective and makes sense financially, as well. This year we’re distributing Blue River® Organic Seed in our corn lineup, allowing us to better support farmers who have transitioned to organic production or are in the process of transitioning. 

You can order Blue River® Organic Seed through your current dealer/distributor or place an order directly through F2F Genetics Network

Focus your farm on greater ROI

At Farmers Business Network®, we’re committed to putting Farmers First® and powering the prosperity of family farmers. Download our F2F Genetics Network 2021 seed guides and get ready to work alongside our knowledgeable team and maximize your profit potential today. 

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Steve Sick

Sep 14, 2020