Choose Seeds for Your Farm Using FBN® Seed Finder

Brian Paff

Aug 25, 2021

Finding the right seed is foundational for any farming operation. You can’t change your soil type or how much rainfall you’ll get, after all, but you can choose the best seeds for your unique environmental conditions—and that has the potential to make a big impact on your bottom line. 

It’s difficult to know what will work on your farm, though. You’re often left to trust one-sided trials from seed companies or yield discussions over morning coffee. 

That’s why FBN Seed Finder can play such an important role in your seed selection decisions for the upcoming year. 

Put FBN Seed Finder to work on your farm.

Become an FBN® member today

A key decision-making tool within your free FBN member account*, Seed Finder lets farmers who upload a seed invoice and some basic information access our robust price and performance database, driven by millions of acres of farmer-contributed data for a wide range of hybrids and varieties.

Get real-world insights on seed varieties

With Seed Finder at your fingertips, you can browse our database to explore and analyze any number of possibilities for your farm.

Want to know how that soybean variety you saw at a local field day actually performs in the real world on our members’ farms?

Looking to find out which canola hybrids have delivered results under a certain set of conditions and practices?

Need to see all of your seed corn options within a particular maturity range?

Farm-tested answers to these questions and more are built into Seed Finder to help you plan for next season and make confident decisions about which seeds to plant. 

And best of all, you can view these insights all in one place from the convenience of your mobile phone.

See yield potential and seed recommendations for your specific fields

FBN Yield Potential is another key component of the Seed Finder experience. 

Located under the My Operation tab in your member account, this tool generates field-specific recommendations for hybrids and varieties based on available data for certain soil types, weather conditions, planting practices and other agronomic factors, such as irrigation and drainage.

You can adjust filters according to your plans and practices and explore other recommended hybrids and varieties that match your budget, brand preference and more.

In our hypothetical example, you can see that Channel® 210-79 is recommended—with an estimated yield potential of 230.7 bushels per acre, on average—for this particular field based on the information provided and farm-tested insights. 

You can also explore estimated yield potential for other top seeds in our database under the same set of field conditions and practices as well as compare them with favorites you might have planted in the past.

Shop smarter with price transparency

Yield is only part of the net seed revenue equation, though. You have to find the right seed at the right price if you are going to maximize your profit potential.

We’ve built price transparency into Seed Finder to help you see what others are paying for the same hybrid or variety. 

After you upload a seed invoice of your own, you can leverage our database of more than 43,500 seed invoices on more than 1,400 seed varieties to gain a clearer picture of real-world seed prices.

You can see the lowest, highest and average prices paid for individual seed varieties by members who contributed invoices. 

With this price transparency in hand, you can either negotiate a better deal, keep shopping or look for a different seed variety altogether.

Create your free account and start making the most of FBN Seed Finder

Ready to take advantage of FBN Seed Finder and its many features? Sign up for a free member account and upload your first seed tag and invoice to start making more confident seed selection decisions for your operation today.

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* Fees may apply for certain product and service offerings other than FBN membership. Free membership is currently available to Canadian farmers in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. ** Estimated yield reflects seed's performance in a good year, based on data contributed by member farmers and selected soil type and other agronomic factors. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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Brian Paff

Aug 25, 2021