“0% Financing Is a Big Plus”—The Impact of Buying Inputs Interest-Free

Brian Paff

Jan 08, 2020

Ohio farmer John Heitkamp grows mostly corn and soybeans on approximately 3,000 acres and has been a member of the Farmers Business Network® network since 2015. 

For Heitkamp, the ability to buy inputs at zero percent interest before the growing season begins and as he needs them in-season is a huge deal. He qualified for our 0% Club last year and has seen how that has translated to increased flexibility when making decisions for his operation.

Particularly for his larger pre-season purchases, Heitkamp is now able to buy the products he needs without worrying about interest payments cutting into his operation’s bottom line.

Without zero percent financing, a farmer like Heitkamp might end up paying as much as $7000 or more in interest on inputs before selling his grain post-harvest.

That’s money that could go right back into his pocket or put toward other needs on his farm. Add to that the significant savings he finds buying inputs online through FBN Direct℠ and you can see just how much of an impact this can make.

What is the 0% Club? 

We created the 0% Club as yet another way of putting Farmers First®, giving you the freedom and flexibility to buy the inputs you need when you need them. 

As a 0% Club member, you’re able to lock in zero percent financing on all input purchases made on FBN Direct through August 31, 2020.

You must first be a member of the Farmers Business Network and apply for input financing through FBN℠ Finance to join the 0% Club. Once approved, make a qualifying purchase* of $70,000 or more by January 17, 2020, and you’ll be able to enjoy interest-free purchases all season long.

*A qualifying purchase must include at least two product lines from the following categories: seed, crop protection, fertilizers, adjuvants or biostimulants.

Start saving big on inputs now

Find significant savings on a variety of crop protection needs on FBN Direct or chat with your Farmers Business Network rep to get started with the 0% Club today. And even if your input purchase doesn’t qualify you for our 0% Club, we’re still offering 0% financing on any individual purchase on FBN Direct made by January 17, 2020 (provided you’ve been approved for input financing).

Terms and conditions apply. To qualify, a borrower must be a member of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. Interest rates and fees will vary depending on your individual situation. Not all applicants will qualify. Copyright © 2014-2020 Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. All rights reserved. The sprout logo, “FBN” and “Farmers Business Network” are registered service marks of Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. FBN Direct is offered by FBN Inputs, LLC and are available only in states where FBN Inputs, LLC is licensed. Financing is offered by FBN Finance, LLC and is only available in certain states.

Brian Paff

Jan 08, 2020