Can I post calibrate my yields in FBN?

You do not need to clean your data before sending it to FBN®. Our data science team does all the cleaning and processing for you. You can also post calibrate your yields in FBN, so there is no need to handle your data in any other system before sending it to FBN.

To Post Calibrate, sign in to your FBN account. Go to the Analyze tab at the top and then click on My Data on the left hand side. In the My Data menu, click on Post Calibrate.

Select the Year and Crop you would like to post calibrate. Then enter the new yield values into the Post Calibration fields on the right.

Have a bunch of scale tickets? FBN can calculate your yields from multiple scale tickets as well. Just click on Add under the Weight Ticket column and enter the weights. You can also send a copy of the ticket to and we'll do it for you.

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