Does FBN sell my farm's data?

May 01, 2019

Absolutely not. Nor do we share it with seed or input companies.

The FBN network was created by farmers, for farmers, as a platform to give farmers the full power of aggregated data by democratizing farm information. FBN is a sharing platform for its members. Members who contribute data can access FBN's aggregated analytics on seed performance, fertility performance, input price analysis, agronomic practice analytics and more.

The data inside FBN is fully anonymized, meaning no one can see what you do on your farm and you can never see what another farmer is doing on their fields. Anonymized, aggregated analytics and seed performance help farmers make better, more profitable decisions.  

Thousands of farmers are "democratizing" farm data by crowdsourcing information through the FBN network. Democratizing information means putting information in farmers’ hands, equally and transparently. By networking thousands of farms together and creating a common platform for anonymized, aggregated analytics, farmers are creating their own information source, entirely by and for farmers. A single farmer can now have more information on hybrid seed performance than anyone else– helping them make better choices.

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