How do I access satellite imagery?

May 13, 2019

Satellite imagery is now accessible directly within FBN® Maps. Any member who has field boundaries drawn in their FBN account will receive satellite images accessible via desktop or the FBN app.

Tech Specs
  • New images are loaded every 5 to 7 days

  • Members can access images going back 12 months

  • The imagery has a 10-meter resolution

What kind of images are included?

We display three types of images:

  • Absolute

  • Relative

  • Raw

The Absolute layer can be used to show how far along a crop is in its growth, to identify the variation of vegetative vigor within a field, and to compare a field’s vegetative growth against other fields on the operation.

The Relative layer takes the range of EVI values from the Absolute layer and effectively amplifies the variation across a green to red color scale. This layer is used to identify the variation of vegetative growth within a single field.  

The Raw layer shows a raw image of the field on the date the image was taken. This layer can be used to identify clouds or shadows of clouds that might be showing up in the EVI layers.

Where do I find EVI satellite images in the website?
  • Find EVI imagery by clicking on the Analyze tab at the top.

  • Click on My Operation in the left nav to open the menu options. From here, click on Maps.

  • Click on the Search bar and select a field from the dropdown.

  • Under the Type field located above the map, select Satellite.

  • To the right of the Type field, click on Absolute, Relative and Raw map options to see the related images.

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