How do I edit permissions within MyJohnDeere for my integration with FBN?

If you have integrated your MyJohnDeere account with your FBN® account but still do not see your data in FBN, please check your MyJohnDeere account permissions by following the below steps.

  1. Sign into your MyJohnDeere account

  2. Open Operations Center

  3. Click Setup and a dropdown will appear

    • Click on Team at the very bottom of the list

  4. Now click on the Connections just below the address

  5. Find the FBN John Deere Integration connection

    • Click on FBN John Deere Integration

    • After the popup box shows, click on Access

    • Make sure under Access it says Can Access

  6. Scroll down a bit and make sure Locations is set to level 3

  7. If either of those aren’t the case, click Edit in the bottom right of the popup and edit the necessary parts to ensure everything is set correctly

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