How do I get started with FBN to receive data insights and pinpoint areas of my operation for improvement?


When FBN® members contribute agronomic data, they gain access to network powered tools and insights to enable better decision making including: Performance Benchmarking, Seed Finder and Maps & Yield Analytics (see more below to learn about these tools).


FBN provides free, unlimited, and secure data storage, processing, and cleaning for all our members. To unlock data analytics you must first upload your agronomic information into FBN. We work with many different systems and monitor types. View basic instructions below. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to call your rep or email to walk you through data upload.

  • Log in to your account, click on Analyze at the top of the screen. Click on My Data in the left nav menu and then under Precision Files, click Add New to upload files from your computer.

  • After clicking Add New, a pop up with different monitor types will appear. Select your system and follow instructions from there.

  • To upload monitor files for processing, files should be in .zip or .bak formats. Please zip the data and all folders / files exactly as they would come off the monitor. You can upload an unlimited amount of data, just keep in mind that larger files will take a lot longer to upload.  If you are uploading a large file, you may want to disable your computer's sleep function, as this will disrupt the upload. If you have questions on how to do this, call our support line at (844) 200-FARM.


Once you upload data there are a number of different ways that you can leverage the power of having insights based on thousands of farmers and millions of acres. Several of the more popular tools include:

FBN Benchmarking

See how your yields really stack up by benchmarking against thousands of other advanced farmers. This is not just field benchmarking; it is yield diagnostics in action.

  • Evaluate each field on more than 12 factors

  • Compare yields by nitrogen application, population, rainfall, hybrids, soil quality, rotation, tillage, and more

  • Measure yourself to similar farms in your county, region, or nationally and even against other dry-land or irrigated fields

FBN Seed Finder

FBN Seed Finder gives you access to the largest seed performance database in agriculture, powered by millions of acres of real yields — all farmer driven, totally independent, and unbiased.

  • Review yield performance profiles on more than 4,000 seeds from 110 brands

  • Explore real-world responses to population, nitrogen, rotation, irrigation, precipitation, planting speed, and more

  • Find the best seeds for your soil types, drainage, and irrigation status and get automated field-seed matching

FBN Maps and Yield Analytics

With FBN Maps & Yield Analytics, you can start to see what's really driving your yields. Your precision data is automatically converted into yield response analysis and lighting-fast mapping.

  • Analyze your yield response to population, planting speed, elevation, soil quality, precipitation, crop rotation, and tillage

  • Get more than 12 precision maps, including soil, yield, and FBN Prescription Accuracy and Dry-Down Percent, for unlimited acres and years of data

  • Easily compare and overlay any two maps with Swipe View

Get started today and don't hesitate to call or email us with questions about uploading data, processing times or the product!

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