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Pros and Cons of utilizing FBN marketing virtual elevator and govt. programs

I've started using FBN Marketing services including the virtual elevator, does anyone care to give pros and cons to using this service, especially the aspects of setting a basis and then setting a futures in FBN's name with a elevator versus just keeping it in your own name? I"m kind of concerned following recent govt. program payments that using FBN's name on everything will complicate "proving" production or singing up for govt programs. Like if they were to have a per bushel payment again and your settlement sheets said you "sold" through FBN's name, is it kind of like I just "sold" my grain to FBN and they immediately sold it to elevator locally? THE scale tickets will say FBN on them...


Cody Bills
FBN Employee

Hello Andrew,

FBN is a licensed grain dealer. When you sell your grain to the Virtual Elevator you will receive a payment and complete set...


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