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Air compressor

Looking for a used air compressor to blow equipment off. Curious what cfm I need, knowing that used generally put out a little less. 185, 210, 250, 375??


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We use a gas powered leaf blower for daily use but the air compressor we borrow from neighbour's works wonders at year end. Looks like we o...


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get a leaf blower.

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I use a Mi-T-M screw compressor

Puts out 125 cfm

Bought it new for 12550 two years ago and love it


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I use a leaf blower as well. I have one that is 110volt that blows anything clean. If you reduce the outlet size the air speed can get equ...


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Be careful with used air compressors. What fails is the bottom of the tank when it rusts from the inside from the water in the bottom. It m...



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185 is common. I have a 210 but it is a 1953 Worthington with an International Harvester UD14 engine. Starts on Gas, runs on diesel. If...



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The newer units have a safety valve to prevent that, like an idiot I took mine off. And you are correct if you happen to drop the wand thing...


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Have Milwaukee leaf blower and Stijl gas blower they work ok. BUT I used the neighbors compressor yesterday that was a game changer doesn’t...


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Milwaukee battery operated leaf blower works great and is light and easy to handle. Go with the big battery.

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I have a 100 and it works well.

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185 will do well

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185, it’s a game changer. Renting from an industrial equipment agency is not to bad either while you look for a good used one.

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Leaf blower works good for combine

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