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Recommendation for gps system on a Hagie 2100 sprayer?

I run a Hagie 2100 over bout 4000 acres a year. I have a 15 year Trimble system now with auto swath and bump wheel auto steer. What have you used and liked for a new system with similar features? Thank you

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We just put the agleader + ontrac 3 system on our combine and it works quite well. I know my neighbour is using it in his case ih patriot as well. Main reason we went that route is because we already had the display for yield mapping. Since you’re spraying I think It will work even better be size you are travelling faster

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I have 2 Trimble FM750 w 3 EzSteer systems. I also run fm1000 that moves between EzPilot in tractor and EzSteer in combine. I started off w omni star XP then updated to HP and RTX for years. I've installed EzSteer in my JD4700 sprayer and used it last 2 yrs. I've run WAAS on sprayer w EzSteer for 4-5 years. It's not perfect but I'm satisfied. If I went back to RTX would be awesome. I run section control w/ WAAS on sprayer, w RTX with planter, liquid sidedressing, NH3 and combine yield mapping. You have experience w Trimble consider upgrading accuracy or equipment. Just my two cents, remember it;s free advice. You need Good retailer support for questions and hardware. These are the reasons I moved to Trimble.

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