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Finding land

I started farming two years ago and since I haven’t been able to find any new land to expand. Currently farming 15 acres looking to expand to 50-100 acres. Any ideas on how to find land.


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******, You pose an age old question.

I was in your shoes way back but our farm has grown significantly by being here, being a good neighbor and community member.

You should be asking yourself, What unique value do you bring to a land owner.

Identify your skills and strengths and position yourself in a way that adds value to your neighbors and community. It takes time, there are no free l...



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I'm having trouble he in Arkansas finding land to farm large farmers grab up if someone retiring or delvopers buy it if close town one large farmer just rented a nice 1200 acres farm

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Unfortunately your competitors are always looking for 50-100 more to rent too. Your probably going to have to buy some. Anyone in your immediate/extended family involved in farming? keep being patient and Keep good relationships with your neighbors and financially ready for the next opportunity. That opportunity may find you.