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Custom hire rates

What's an average price per acre for tillage, and planting?


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Be careful not to give away your equity in your equipment!!! Each farmer has is own real cost on replacement expense. Most universities do not have everyone's individual equity line formulated in their numbers.


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Most state universities should show custom rates average & highs & lows ? UNL Nebraska does


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$25 per acre for planting, applying 32% 2*2*2 and starter fertilizer in furrow.


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$22 per acre for high speed corn/soybean planter. Tillage varies between $10 and $16 per acre depending on the type of tillage.


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We charge $7/ac for tillage. $13/ac for planting with row crop planter or air seeder; all dryland.


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Sweep plow. 9x6’ or 7x6’. Almost no other tillage tool is used out here. Low rainfall area, some charge up to $8.50 but most are one side or the other of $7. There’s a few VT discs around and they charge $15-18 but not very common to be used. A lot will plow 3-4 times and plant or 1-2 times and spray after that. This is all on fallow ground going to wheat in the fall. Very rare for anyone to do t...

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Google “Iowa custom rates” Iowa state has Avery good document for this, I use it as a base line.


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Here in northern Montana, one pass tillage in stubble with a high speed disk is about $8 per acre. Can go up to $12 if hard crp ground or using different tillage types. Seeding with an air seeder starts at $18 per acre and increases if fertilizer is being applied through mid-row banders or anhydrous, can go up to $25 per acre.


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