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Anyone one passing corn?

Looking into possibly doing one pass on corn. Anyone have any luck with keeping fields clean? Our fields are always clean and only one pass we have done is on the late planted corn in 2019.


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I Always do one pass 3 pints accuron works really good here with a quart of RU and also have used laudis with some harness and round up wi...


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Get along good with atrazine 2qt Round up 1qt, and Resicore 2qt and liquid AMS.

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We do 20 inch corn in Iowa. 1 pass 32 oz dual 2, 32 oz atrazine, 22 oz 5 lb roundup, 3 oz Callisto. 2.5 lbs ams nis. After corn emerges. Al...



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One pass 90% of our corn with atrazine, Corvus, round up, insecticide also use 28 as my carrier.

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Always do. This past year we used.

Atrazine 4L 1qt/ac

Diflexx 10oz/ac

Capreno. 3oz/ac

Delaro. 4oz/ac (kind of a take i...


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