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Rebuilding 6xxC corn head

This is the year to replace the snapping rolls on the 612C. I was very please with the job the opposed knife did when it was new but they aren't engaging the stalk well now and it is causing a good bit of trash to come in the head.

I have been looking into having my rolls refurbished by either B&R Welding or Midwest Corn Head Rebuilders. Both of these places offer different-from-factory flute counts, the factory being 8 flute opposed. They are both selling a different design than I am familiar with and I'm looking for some people that have experience with these in the field. If anyone has some pictures of a field would be great!

B&R says they are doing a 4 flute intermeshing system for the first 12" then leaving the factory opposed section for the remainder of the roll. I think the way he talked this was a new-ish design for them. They said it makes the corn stalk use more length of the roll instead of all the action happening at the front. I am just a little concerned with how the finished field will look, I know that I like the material sizing and stalk "explosion" on the factory opposed. Will this leave more of a long attached stalk still? He seemed a little hesitant to recommend them for higher moisture corn, and I couldn't quite get a feel for what the issue might be with 23%+ corn. I would think a more lively stalk would stay engaged in the roll better if anything.

Midwest Corn Head offers an opposing and a conversion to 6 flute intermeshing.

The opposed rolls are a blunt tip, instead of sharp like the factory opposing. I could see the rolls possibly pulling harder? I wouldn't think it would be much if even noticeable. But I could see in wetter corn maybe pinching the stalk instead of cutting it?

The intermeshing are "beveled tip" and I assume that means more of a rounded point, or that it will wear to rounded point quickly and then last a long time rounded? I know the intermeshing that they offer is $100 more per row than B&R but there are 2 more flutes per roll.

I know what the factory rolls will do, and I always liked the way it left a field looking, and the material sizing was good for no-till if we didn't get a chance to run a VT in the fall. I don't want to end up with stalks like the old headers left.

As a side note, I'm not really interested in Calmer/Yield360/ect. While I'm sure they do a fine job, I am looking to save a little money here, not mortgage the farm to put snapping rolls on. I was happy with factory opposed, if I wanted to spend $1200/row on rolls I would probably just put those on. That being said, I would think one of these 3 rebuild options would do a nice job. I just don't know which one that is.

Thanks in advance!

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