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GALLAGHER TUMBLE Wheels good/bad?

I have a relatively small pasture for my angus and it gets eaten down and is not able to recover. I'm looking into a rotation system and am interested in the GALLAGHER TUMBLE Wheels as a possible solution. Anybody have any experience with them. Good/bad timesaving or more work then should be?


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We have used the tumble wheels when they work they are a godsend but they don't work often, ie small hill, rock to long of span, we can't justify using them for the price. We just went back to moving the electric sting by hand.

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I highly recommend rotating the pastures, but I have no history with the tumble wheels. We use reels and step in post. It’s very easy to put up a new run and take down. We typically move cattle every day. It definitely has helped our pastures and grass utilization!

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