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Drying soybeans in a single platinum Batch dryer? I’m wondering about temperature and duration

The soybeans are between 20 and 21%

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Heard a segment about this on the Big Show on WHO radio this fall. Seems like the idea was to raise the air temp about 10 deg. above outside conditions. The idea was to lower the relative humidity in the air being blown through the beans, not necessarily to heat them. Beans in the field dry out rather quick on dry windy days so it makes sense. Cold air by nature holds less moisture, by raising the temp by 10 degrees or so it lowers the relative humidity of the air. That is why humidity levels in older, poorly sealed/insulated homes drop so much in the winter. They also claimed this is a fairly common process in states that double crop and need to get a bean crop out to plant the next one. Maybe check university web sites in southern states.

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