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Do FBN Generic products actually work?

I saw a post on here a while ago asking if FBN products actually work being so cheap. Some also asked is buying generic worth it will it work? We’re first time customers. This medic pasture was sprayed with FBN Clethodim, charge up oil and ammonium sulphate. Can you spot a living ryegrass plant in this thick chaff line?

Do FBN Generic products actually work?
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Everything I've bought and used so far has

worked as well as any name branded products have in my experience.

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I 2nd that...happy using a lot of the willowood products the last few years. Just got a tote of paraquat. 18.50/gallon Going to burn down with that instead of $30- $40/ gal r-up next year. Generic Callisto, liberty, select, and dicamba to name a few.

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