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Can we have a for sale section to trade/sell/ISO farm related stuff?

Most forums seem to get more traffic if they have a for sale/trade section available. Would it be possible to add a seperate section just for this?

BTW, I have a Parrot Disco Ag for sale if anyone is interested. Can ship most any where. Has the Parrot SEQUOIA Multispectral Sensor. The sensor sells for $3500 alone. I will sell it for the price of the sensor. $3500. Never crashed. Has mapped only around 750 acres. Easiest to launch and land fixed wing "drone" I have ever used. The software to use it is by far the easiest to use system I have ever used. Pix 4D fields can process the map at the edge of the field in a few minutes with my surface tablet. Pictures available. Email me at *******************.

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That’s a great idea!

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do it!

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Sounds like a good idea.

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Yup I’ll second this motion as well... all in favor

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We ever gonna get this for sale section on here??? @FBN???

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I was contacted about2- 3mos. ago for some inputs and was told it was on track for a release soon. But I'm not certain what soon meant.

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I was contacted as well

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I’m in favor

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I got an email saying they were hoping to have it launched in some form in May, then revamp it after people have had a chance to see it and make suggestions.

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I m interested in this, and I m interested in buying corn and soybeans from members on here

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Hey folks - **** here from the FBN team. As you have probably seen by now, we are starting to roll out this experience to an early access group and plan to release it to the full FBN Network soon. If you have already been given early access then you should see a green message at the top of Community and see the For Sale filter available.

If you don't have access but want to list equipment or services (or both!) please reply to this comment and I will get you set up.

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****, I try to post an item but it keeps me in an endless loop when I submit photos from my phone.

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Hey ***** - I just tested this out and was able to create posts using photos from my library as well as photos taken straight from my phone. Once you've uploaded the photo by pressing Submit, you should be back on the screen below (see screenshot). From there, just click Post

Does that help?

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