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Semi Spray Trailer Options

Would like to know what is out there as far as open drop deck trailer designs and also what works for everyone vs what doesn't. We have a 42' drop deck trailer with 2 2100gal tanks on the back along with a 1600gal hopper tank over 5th wheel of semi. We are looking to keep our same trailer but change up the mixing station area a little so it doesn't feel crowded with a couple pallets or totes on it. Also, has anyone ever built large racking above plumbing to set a tote on? If so how did you go about it? Thanks.

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That would be great. Thanks

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Look up Phiber Dash system. The mixing area is a little extra fancy, but the rack built above seems like a top notch idea of you’re building your own rig.

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Replacing 2 x 2100 tanks with a 3400 horizontal would give you more room. I have stacked a 125 cage mini on top a 250 cage mini to get more products on trailer. Platform scales make for accurate chemical measurements

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Thanks for your input. I’m not apposed to going to a horizontal tank but I do not want to lose water capacity. Also I’m not quite sure what your talking about when you say “platform scales” I haven’t heard of them. Is it a scale that weighs liquid?

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4’ x 4’ scale with digital display. Set mini on and measure # of chemical. Need to know density of chemical.

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We have a 46' drop deck, with a 1500 gallon over the pin and a 3500 horizontal over the back wheels.

I have 3 mixing cones in the middle. All our cones are also plumbed into our chemical bank. We can hook up 3, 250 g shuttles. We run everything through a bank that has water cleanout and electric valves on it. So when you open #1 that goes into tank one. This allows us to pretty much stay on the ground for most of the filling.

The tender driver can have things full when I get there. We also use a venture system so our pump is always only water if you do have an accident. If you want to see it I can take pictures.

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