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Corn Harvest Progress Update - 9/4/19 (Poll Results)

This week members in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana reported solid gains in corn harvest progress but members in Nebraska, Illinois & Iowa shared estimated timelines for their harvest.

"0%, It'll be 4 weeks before we start picking" - Central Nebraska

"0%, around three weeks away" - Northern Illinois

"0%, 3 weeks before high moisture for feed" - West Central Iowa

What does your timeline look like?

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    Corn Harvest Progress Update - 9/4/19 (Poll Results)


Verified FBN Member (IL)

Hand sampled first planted 114 day corn (5/16) on Thursday 33% E.C. IL

Verified FBN Member (MN)

2 to 3 weeks until ready for silage central **


Verified FBN Member (IA)


Earlage taken Saturday Sept 7th. SE iA

Verified FBN Member (IL)

chopping started here 2 days ago

Verified FBN Member (WI)

Maybe at best another month yet, no chopping yet West central wi


Verified FBN Member (SD)

3 weeks to make maturity north central South Dakota

Verified FBN Member (OK)

Two weeks we could be going here in Oklahoma Panhandle

Verified FBN Member (IN)

Corn silage chopping next week

Harvest probably in 3 weeks


Verified FBN Member (NE)

3 weeks for high moistures. Southeast ne


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