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What’s your thoughts on Tillable as an FBN member?

FBN members seem to be a different type of farmer when it comes to technology. Tillable has been in ag news a lot over the past week, I just want to hear some opinions from a different audience. Twitter and NAT sure like to bash them. What do you all think?

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I think the concept of having an electronic platform to pair land owners with renters is a good concept and could be useful but the way it's setup now is not. The main issue is that using the farmers data (specifically yield) against them so to speak so the land owners can demand higher prices because they compare that data to their bottom line vs what the grower bottom line is where it goes off the rails. Absentee land owners have too much ownership in agriculture if you ask me.

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I agree. I like the platform, I just don’t agree with the “poaching” technique (those letters that we’ve all seen)

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First off, I admit this is a bigger issue where rent bidding is an annual thing and it’s hard to get new ground and keep it.

Honestly I’m undecided on it. The CEO sounds like a slimeball. I listened to his interview on The Shark Farmer Podcast, *** called him out on a few things and the CEO had a hard time answering.

If they hadn’t submitted letters with what looks like Fieldview data in it, but just straight up “Hey we’re here to help you with your rent if you want?”, how mad would everyone be? You’d be mad but would you be as mad? It’s mostly tied back to their “algorithm” approach they used that people are mostly mad about.

On another note, Acrevalue has data about your ground that is free, not farmer provided. I don’t hear complaining about that and mostly because it’s not being used against you YET by a company like Tillable...or is it? 🤔

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I agree 100%

I kind of like the platform and I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it weren’t for those letters being sent out. My grandpa got an offer substantially higher than what we’ve all agreed on is a fair price.

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If you ever want to know how far in or out of line your rent is, compre it to your county CRP rate. That rate is determined 1st by the lovely NASS surveys, then the national office reviews it and sends it to the state offices which send it to the county office. County office can challenge the rate but they have to show proof. Where’s the proof come from? It comes from cash rents they have leases for on file. They then take an average and see if it’s higher or lower than what NASS came up with. Now CRP payments aren’t different as it is determined by if there are sequester orders or something else in place to take anything off the top. Your base CRP rate though is your county average rent.

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I'm also undecided for the last 8 year there have been 2 big operators running up rent prices they both have filed bankruptcy and now land owners still wanting price those two were.paying.

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It’s the poaching aspect that I don’t care for. I know people that have been hurt badly financially by this tactic. It’s usually some 65 year old farmer with deep pockets that helps keep some young guy from getting a start. I hate the greed.

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It sucks.

They send letters to all the large growers, us included, telling you some astronomically high rent they’ll give you to farm your farm.

The price all the guys going broke are paying.

Also the price the ones pay who mine land and never return removed nutrients.

No checks and balances on that. Just a high cash dollar.

I say good luck tillable

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