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What Chem does everyone use to prevent/ kill grass In their corn? (Ours is for edible corn)

We have a grass problem in our corn and it’s beginning to stunt the growth of the corn. Planted with corn is potatoes in the same field, and the potatoes have 0 grass in it. Any suggestions?


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****** or *******. Both work very well on all corn crops for us. Us at about 6V.

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And definitely use tank mix of mso with it also and could use Laudis now and impact in couple weeks if grass is real tall. You Chem provide...


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How tall is the grass if it's stunting corn growth? 1 Oz impact or 3 Oz Landis also use just 1 or 2 OZ of status to kill any broadleaf. Im...


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Would metolachlor be good to use for pre emerged weeds?

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I use 1 oz of Impact plus MSO at 1 pt. Per acre and get along fine.

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Barnyard grass is getting hard to control, Impact @ 0.75 oz or Laudis @ 3 oz per acre with MSO at full rate and AMS will work.

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Should be 3/4 an oz.

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Depending on the grass Impact at. 75 oz with MSO.

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