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Can anyone recommend an alternative to the standard Verizon phone plans that you are happy with ?

I’m not happy with what our Verizon plan is costing does anyone have something they are happy with. We feel they are robbing us for the amount of usage we receive. Thank You for any ideas you can give ****


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Red Pocket mobile on Verizon network (CDMA) would be my suggestion. Cheapest option I've found while still keeping good coverage. Just have to buy your own phone but there are plenty off them on Amazon. Just make sure they are CDMA network.


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Haven’t looked into it yet but I guess google has cell service now?

Google Fi or something like that.

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You're welcome good luck

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****. Thank you for your input. We are going to check it out.

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People laugh about it we use straight talk, purchased through Walmart make sure it is on the Verizon network. For a fraction of the cost nothing to complain about here 47.00 dollars a month

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Thank you for your response. We farm and truck so travel mostly S dak . Iowa , Minnesota, Neb . Some Kansas . The signal strength according to the phone is less than it was 10 years ago . The coverage as you say is pretty good compared to what we have found. The rates are not cheap to my thinking. Thank you again for your response.

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What part of SD?. About 10 years ago I covered almost every sq. ft of east river SD and I can tell you Verizon was the only company that would consistently provide coverage. I personally use US cellular, but they don't get too far out of Sioux Falls, then share verizon towers and is a complete pain to make a phone call when you are roaming.