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Has anyone used products from AEA/John *****?

Which ones? Have you seen results? What regenerative practices or products have actually worked for you and made you money?


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Yes, but not to the prolific degree as the inoculated areas.

That said, any product will fail or fall short if the root cause of the deficiency is not addressed. You can coat seeds with Mycorrhizae but if you spray a funguside or over till you'll be back to square 1.

You can apply trace minerals, but if you spray certain pesticides/herbicides they will chelate and become useless, even if they ...



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We put some BioCoat Gold, mychorrizal seed coat on this spring. We'll see if it makes a yield difference, but digging around I see a lot of white fungus eating through the crop residue.

My assumption, like all concepts of working in sync with nature, is that it may take more than 1 year to see a return on the investment, but it will also depend on what your soil health is starting out. For the s...



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Do you see that white fungus on your non BioCoat Gold areas?