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Is FBN watching the Yangtze river flooding?

Is this a black swan that China will need grain to feed people and livestock or a bearish demand destruction event? ******************......

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It is an event worth watching. Flooding with upwards of 20 inches of rain has happened in some key corn/soy growing regions in China. China's Dalian corn futures price hit a 5-year high to start the week.

The strength is in part a reflection of the production issues, but the long-term structural trend is China produces less corn than it uses every year so stocks continue to fall. Add to that a Chinese hog herd that is quickly rebuilding and you have a recipe for higher internal Chinese prices.

China has already purchased 3.8 MMT of U.S. corn for 2020, according to USDA. And with Ukraine facing a tough growing season, this could open the door for more US deals to China and Europe in the coming months

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Let's hope the flooding can be contained and their hog herd continues to eat corn and soymeal.

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