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What products should FBN carry that they currently aren't?

Personally, I would like to see more sorghum insecticides like Sivanto, Transform and Comite. Also wish they carried corn miticide products like Zeal SC. I realize spider mites and sugar cane aphids aren't a problem everywhere but they are our number one pest here. FBN has saved me a lot of money on chemicals but I could save even more if there were more products like these available. And after the way 2020 has went, we need all the help we can get!

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Hopefully they can get canola corn and soybean seed here in Canada.

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Thanks **** and ******, our teams are working on a range of new programs across seed, chem, biostimulants and livestock supplies. Please keep the requests coming!

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If FBN could be competitive with fertilizer (dry and/or liquid) offerings that would be great. I realize selling fertilizer is a little different than chemicals and seed. Not sure how many could take advantage of FBN offering delivered fertilizer unless they have on farm storage. I think that’s an edge local fertilizer dealers have is they can give you a double cone or they have dry bins at their place to hold product until you need it, thus hopefully securing good prices to pass on.

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I wish they carried cover crop seed or could source and price it for us. Sometimes in central MO it is hard to source good bulk CC seed like cereal rye.

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I sell bulk CC seed if your interested.

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we grow, clean, and sell cereal rye in 2000 pound tote sacks. No palmer amaranth here if that matters.

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*****, send me your contact info for next falls cereal rye please? VNS or variety specific?

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I grow Hazlet and rymin cereal rye for seed. Cleaned semi load bulk was $6.00 bushel FOB my farm. I am sold out for this year.

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More fungicides and insecticides for specialty crops

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Humic acid

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Are they going to carry Royal Grow products

We hope so it would make it easier for us to get them

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I wish there was a way you could collect and post localized fertilizer prices much like you do seed and chemicals, even if you don't sell the product.

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Brand name herbicides where there is no generic option yet, would really increase the portfolio for Canadian farmers.

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Some of these might have been made available since I last checked when ordering last winter, but here goes.

Trivapro, Granular Sugar, Miravis Ace, Palisade, Harmony Extra, Interlock, Delaro, Start Right.

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I would like to see wheat herbicides. I have tried to buy them from FBN the last 2 years there were very few available.

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****, or anyone else, I'm not sure how to message just one person so send me an email at ******************* and we can chat about cover crop rye.

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I’d like to see more foliar fertilizer available.

More products for nuts

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Check out

Or call ********** we can help with that and you can get it on FBN

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I would like to see bulk fertilizer straight from the source and cut out the middlemen. Where FBN brokers the deal and I go pick it up or arrange trucking. Based on an earlier post guy could afford to buy cone bottoms for storage with the savings or a trailer to hold dry.

Also like the earlier post about posting fertilizer prices. And along the same line it would be interesting to be able to drill down in the data of chemical/fertilizer prices to see a map of where the prices are coming from in addition to high/low/avg.

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That’s what I’d like to find out too. Other social media platforms guys will mention just buying straight from a wholesaler but then won’t expand on it. When asked who they buy through or how they got setup with a wholesaler, mums the word. I don’t think my local guys are too bad on fertilizer but it’d be nice to see like you said. If there’s enough savings to buy storage, it’s be well worth it.

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canola seed is long overdue in my view, also fertilizer availability would help a lot

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Conventional soybeans not the organic brands. In late 4 maturity for Arkansas climate.

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Fertilizer would be great. Help us negotiate with the big guys. Cover crop seed would also be great.

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