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Sick of cleaning the tracks out on my quadtrac

Recently spent some time in the mud with a Johndeere 9620RX with the wide stance. When I got done I cleaned the tracks out, it was significantly easier and faster than cleaning them out on my 500 quadtrac. Wondering if anyone has found a kit or heard of anything coming from case about a retrofit kit for widening out the red ones. I know the kit from John Deere is about 20k and to me that would be worth it for the time saved cleaning tracks out. Especially in freezing temps

    Sick of cleaning the tracks out on my quadtrac


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2 track machines don't plug up😊


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JD 8370RT on 120 inch spacing or the fancy new X series JD 8410XT on 120 inch spacing, wide tracks are only way to go!


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Easiest way to clean track machines is large air compressor. Ours is 175 cfm at 150 psi with 1" hose, end is 1/2" opening. Will blow off mud...



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Wide tracks, if you can run them, will run much cleaner


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Clubroot Carriers

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We use a 2" hose with a fire nozzle to wash them off. Way better then a pressure washer.


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Thats sll I've ever used, is a fire hose, and it works well... but the freezing conditions could definitely make it more challenging

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I agree, that's how we clean them as well. Takes lots and lots of water.

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