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Looking for 2-3 250gal chemical totes...

Looking for 2 or 3 clean 250gal+ chemical totes. I want to get oil in bulk. So they need to hold fluid.

If you have some.

Where are you located and how much $ per tote?

I'm located in west central **


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Have you considered using Chamberlain Oil? Been very happy with their oil and they deliver. The tanks they set me up with are quite a bit thicker than a chemical tote. I have some totes you could have but I'd probably want them rinsed better if it was me. I'm west of Wheaton 20 miles.


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Sounds like a great idea we wash our own and use them for waste oil storage. Two things to consider is number one is the residue left in the plastic, second is the quality of the tank they break down in the sunlight and get brittle consider buying tanks new and that are made for that type of storage.

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Ya I did look at chamberlain. I think I will get my def there.

If I get it in bulk it's about a dollar or so a gallon cheaper than ***********

Neighbor knows who its thru but ya need 500gal minimum for them to stop. Few neighbors get together and fill up some tanks

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