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Is Your Farm An Integrated Livestock Operation? (Poll Results)

2,848 FBN members, spanning across 9.04 million acres, weighed in on today’s poll where we asked members if they had an integrated livestock operation.

Here are the results!

Do you want to create price transparency for livestock? You can help us by sharing Rx med & feed invoices to!

Is Your Farm An Integrated Livestock Operation? (Poll Results)
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No I don’t care about livestock

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You’d be better to keep your comment to yourself it just shows your stupidity

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Comment deleted by author
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What a prick

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Yes that'd be great

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Livestock question. What would be an honest going price for 25 commercial cows and 2 bulls. All red angus. mostly heifers to 3 year old or 6-8 year olds. Basically the smaller ones from a heard of 140.

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Location will be a big factor as well as if you are selling direct to farmer or going through a middle man. Or if they are bred or open.

That said I mostly only know dairy and don't have an actual answer for you... :*

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I would like to set up a program to sell calves direct to feeder! Skip the middle man

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Yes, that would be helpful.

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We'll be working on a livestock price transparency report for vaccines & meds as well as feed & supplements. If you'd like to get early access to the analysis, please send PDF or pics of your invoices to

If you'd like to stay informed on our livestock research and initiatives, just follow this thread.

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The problem isn't pricing transparency for vaccines or feed or supplements. The input costs are pretty easy for a rancher to figure out with a few phone calls. The problem with ranching today is on the sales end. Ranchers have no control over the market. The beef industry supply chain is the last hold out to fall completely into the hands of the packers (poultry and pork, fell years ago). Consolidation in the name of profit and efficiencies of scale (in the clamor for cheap food by consumers) has proven to be a race to the bottom for ranchers.

This problem is likely to big and complex - even for FBN. To be solved it would require changes in laws, trade, and consumer buying habits. I recently saw this post on facebook and it highlights the issue well: R-Calf is an organization fighting for disruption to right some of these wrongs. Perhaps FBN could initiate a conversation with R-Calf to see what FBN could bring to the table? I think it would take a serious crisis for something to change. The good (or bad - depending on your perspective) news is that we are about to see a crisis unfold before our eyes.

Perhaps this wakeup call will be what is needed to make some positive changes that favors farmers and ranchers instead of multi-million dollar corporations.

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Market options are a larger issue than input costs in the cattle industry.

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This is why FBN needs an option to put corn and forage yields as tons (or even bales). My guess is that a good share of the cattle folks feed a lot of what they grow as either silage or hay.

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